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:flashlight: Why was the roadmap created and for what purpose?

C++ is widely used in many commercial projects and has undergone significant changes throughout its history, making it more convenient for everyday use. However, there are still many myths, speculation, and fears surrounding the language that scare off potential learners. Our aim is to help dispel these myths and make it easier for beginners to learn C++.

There is currently a shortage of C++ developers in the market. Our experience shows that many successful developers learned the language through self-study, as it was difficult to find quality information and resources. Most educational platforms and courses do not offer high-quality lessons, with many being too high-level or outdated.

The entry barrier into C++ development is higher compared to other languages, as most of the available information is targeted towards experienced developers, further perpetuating the myth of its exceptional complexity. There is a lack of relevant information for beginners, making it difficult for them to learn the language.

This roadmap aims to address these challenges. The idea for its creation came from conducting numerous interviews with inexperienced C++ developer candidates, who all shared common gaps in basic knowledge and a lack of understanding on how and where to learn the language.

This roadmap can also be useful for those who have already been practicing C++ in personal and work projects. It can help you identify any gaps in your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the language, enabling you to become a highly qualified specialist.

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